Do the unexpected

Do the unexpected

Applying for the PhD programme at NHH Norwegian School of Economics was, in my view, to do the unexpected.

Joel Berge

  • PhD Specialisation: Accounting, Auditing, and Law, started 2016.
  • PHD Research Topic: Behavioural Management Accounting, Cost Estimation and Pricing.
  • Educational Background: MSc in business and administration from NHH Norwegian School of Economics, graduated 2016.
  • Nationality: Norwegian.

"Despite having a great consultancy job-offer at hand, I decided to take on a different path. One that allowed me to follow my curiosity within the behavioural and experimental research field, and to learn from the best.

As of now, I am in the first semester of my PhD, already I enjoy the opportunity to attend conferences and seminars in Copenhagen and Brussels, and I will be taking courses in both Sweden and the Netherlands during the next semester. Even though I spend some time in the office, I find myself engaged in various tasks that I find intellectually stimulating.

After spending my exchange semester at the department of economics at UC Berkeley, I figured that the academic life has much to offer. As a PhD research scholar, you are connected to the global research community and through NHH there are possibilities to stay at top universities as part of the programme. Something I greatly appreciate. 

To embark on the PhD journey, I guess that you have to be creative and enjoy autonomy, because being a PhD research scholar is a massive opportunity to delve into your own interest and get paid while doing so; an opportunity unlike others."

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