You will be an expert in your area

You will be an expert in your area

I decided to proceed to the PhD level, because I experience a sense of delight when I work on a project of my own.

Loreta Rapushi

  • PhD Specialisation: Finance, started 2014.
  • PHD Research Topic: Corporate Finance and Capital Structure.
  • Educational background: MSc in Quantitative Finance and Risk Management from Bocconi.
  • University in Milan, graduated 2012 and MSc from the University of Studies in Florence.
  • Nationality: Albanian.

"The rewards of contributing to advance the scientific knowledge in the field of finance can be great. By working wholly on a specific topic over four years, means that at some point you will be an expert in your area.

I have developed my skills much more than I expected during my PhD studies. I attend trainings, workshops and I enjoy the opportunity to travel and present my work at international conferences. -

NHH hosts one of the best centers for economic research in Scandinavia and my co-workers are serious and very dedicated. I would definitely recommend the NHH PhD programme to graduates, who are looking for a career in academia or as leaders and analysts in industry."

"People in the programme 2016"