I extend my knowledge every day

I extend my knowledge every day

As a PhD research scholar I extend my knowledge every day. Faculty staff at my department of business and management science works within a wide range of research fields, which contributes to a very diverse learning community.

Mai Thi Nguyen

  • PhD Specialisation: Business and Management Science.
  • PHD Research Topic: Gasoline Retailing, Competition Economics, Econometrics.
  • Educational Background:MSc Financial Economics, Norwegian University of Science and Technology (NTNU), graduated 2015.
  • Nationality: Norwegian.

"The staff is extremely inclusive and approachable, which contributes to an encouraging and supportive environment, where I feel motivated to dear breaking out of my comfort zone.

I have always thought that doing a PhD must be really hard, and as a second year PhD scholar, I must admit that it is true. Still, I find that it is all worth it. I grow with the challenges, and develop as a person and as a professional. I get to spend all my time gaining research experience and learning new insights, which I find very rewarding.

The everyday life as a PhD scholar is nice in many ways. We share office with fellow PhD research scholars, we eat lunch together, and we share ideas and support each other. If I get tired of the office, there are plenty of exciting seminars to attend.

Bergen is more than rainy weather. It is a student-friendly town offering a wide specter of activities, such as music festivals and sports- and outdoor opportunities. You can go mountain hiking from anywhere, and enjoy the amazing view towards the North Sea from the top. In my opinion, this is a perfect activity after work."

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