Strategies for difficult times

2022 has proved to be a challenging year for both firms and consumers. 2023 will continue along the same path. At the end of the day, most demand is driven by consumers.

Consequently, consumer sentiment is important to organizations and their performance. High inflation, increased interest rates, a drop in the housing market, increased cost of living, and war in Europe force, metaphorically, consumers to enter their lifeboats and to drink the fresh water slowly.

The bottom line is that most CEOs expect that consumers are putting their consumption breaks on, i.e., canceling, delaying, or reducing planned investments and consumption. For firms, cost-cutting seems the only logical thing to do. We will argue that there are alternatives and that firms can and should innovate during difficult times.

In this NII seminar, we present the findings for 2022 and through leading voices from academia and business, discuss innovation strategies for firms when the chips are down.

The event is open and will be held in Norwegian.

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Book launch

On the same date and venue, DIG invites to a book launch for Professor Tor W Andreassens new book, Moderne verdiskaping. 

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The book launch is in Norwegian.

Agenda (tentative)

• Introduction to the day by Embla Belsvik, Bekk

• Keynote: The future of Norwegian industry (TBD) 

• NII – 2022 analyses and comments by Tor W. Andreassen, NHH

• A leading voice from business (TBD)

• Break

• Keynote: Strategies in times of shock by Eirik Sjåholm Knudsen, NHH

• NII and its relevance for businesses by Harald Krogh, Bekk.

• A leading voice from business (TBD)

• Award ceremony

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